6 months 3 weeks ago #6 by IAF YEP
IAF YEP created the topic: Aimbot/wallhack
Who do I go to to give evidence of a gamer using a comb hack?
Ive been in this game since its beginnings and am a Senior leader and admin for a long running clan.
I love visiting Veterans Sniper server...Not many servers still around.
I speced a gamer and there was no doubt he is a cheat and Veterans Admins need to know.

I tried to attach my recording, but its not allowing me.
The recording is very clear.

Thanks again for the server, I enjoy it alot.

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6 months 2 weeks ago #7 by topcidersko brdo
topcidersko brdo replied the topic: Aimbot/wallhack
can you upload it somewhere and paste a link here?

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